Louise Long

Louise Long is a London-based photographer and writer with a focus on culture and travel. Her work has been published in Wallpaper*, CEREAL, British Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller amongst others. She is also the founder of Linseed Journal, an independent publication exploring culture and local identity.

On Location: Five photographic highlights of Helsinki

Reading Time: 4 minutes Animated by the country’s dramatically shifting seasons, the Finnish capital’s photographic scene has steadily gained international recognition since the 1960s. Here, we guide you through some of its artistic hotspots

27 October 2022

On Location: A photographer’s guide to Venice

Reading Time: 5 minutes The azure lagoons and golden light of Italy’s floating city have charmed visitors for centuries. Louise Long looks beyond the touristic sites and bustle of the Biennale to uncover Venice’s modern-day photographic highlights

20 April 2022