Issue #7896: Faces of the frontline

Our June issue  — produced exclusively for our Members and Subscribers — is dedicated to the great unseen. We speak to photographers who have documented the Covid-19 pandemic on the frontline: John Moore, Alberto Giuliani and Francesca Tosarelli. We also nod to life before lockdown, with vivacious series from Kisei Kobayashi and Akasha Rabut.

What does a photojournalist do to document a crisis, when the official stipulation is to stay at home? Filmmaker Francesca Tosarelli reminds us of the importance of telling stories from the inside.

For John Moore, this is not the first pandemic that he has covered. He reflects on his experience of the Ebola outbreak in 2014, and the lessons he must put into practice once again, this time at home in New York City.

Reporting from San Salvatore hospital in Pesaro, Italy, Alberto Giuliani’s moving portraits of its medical staff are a candid reminder of the devastation that Covid-19 continues to inflict worldwide. 

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Akasha Rabut spent a decade documenting the resilience of the New Orleans community as they rebuilt their city and revived their spirit. Plus we feature Kisei Kobayashi’s latest series, which explores the curious nature of Japanese festivals.

On the Agenda this June are three new photobooks from Japan, Spain and the US. The late Issei Suda and Txema Salvans celebrate the simple things in life, meanwhile, Buck Ellison challenges the carefully-curated image presented by WASP America.

Our projects this month address a range of subject matter, from rural, community life in northern Arizona by Stephen Goldstein, to digital-age paranoia from Anastasia Vinogradova, to Soviet Space Race symbolism from Svetlana Troitskaya. We also unpack the first issue of dada, a magazine that places the controversial Nobuyoshi Araki at its centre. Plus, a new series made in isolation by Nico Krijno, and an interview with Peter Hughes, the creative director of True Photo Journal

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