Thai New Wave Photography: Multiple Planes

Multiple Planes, an exhibition organised by Thai New Wave Photography, shows off contemporary photography “is a place where you can expect to see inventive art,” says curator Mary Pansanga.

The works on show put a new spin on photography and its relationship with the physical world, by including media such as painting, moving image, sculpture, objects, or images themselves. “The aim is to encourage the scene with the carious possibilities of the way the artists work with photographic materials,” says Pansanga. “As well, of course, as creating a platform for Thai photographers and artists.”

Photograph of a completed Photoshop image from the computer screen © Thakol Khaosa-ad, featured in Thai New Wave Photography Exhibition: Multiple Planes

Multiple Planes includes a contribution from Virada Banjurtrungkajorn, who recalls images from her memories by collaging and overlaying different kinds of space, alongside photographer Atit Sornsongkram, who uses the camera as a device to create images which appear as sculpture or three-dimensional objects.  Pansanga says the six artists are of varying experience, with several university teachers. She hopes that their knowledge, thoughts and intentions will be “introduced and open for anyone to perceive”.

The exhibition is a part of PhotoBangkok, Thailand’s largest, homegrown international photography festival. Running for three months until September 09, this year’s edition has over 48 exhibitions, including another interesting show titled Perspective, plus events across the city, covering a range of photographic genres, such as photojournalism, street photography, fine art photography, conceptual photography, historical photography, and smartphone photography.

Multiple Planes runs from 06 July to 09 September, organised by Bangkok Art and Culture Centre and Photo Bangkok 2018. Other artists featured include Pathompon Tesprateep, Sathit Sattarasart, Thakol Khaosa-ad and Virada Banjurtrungkajorn. The exhibition Perspective also runs alongside the show

Sunnight and Moonshine, 2017 © Shinya Matsunaga, featured in Thai New Wave Photography Exhibition: Perspective
Landlord, 2016-2018 © Akkara Naktamna, featured in Thai New Wave Photography Exhibition: Perspective
Installation shot of Thai New Wave Photography Exhibition: Perspective