Miniclick present exhibition Control at Brighton Photo Fringe

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The exhibition, curated in partnership with Gordon MacDonald, is part of the Brighton Photo Fringe 2016, and will include Joachim Schmid’s X Marks the Spot, a compilation of images of tourists posing for photos on a white x on the road in Dealy Plaza, Dallas, signifying the spot where JFK was assassinated when his motorcade was hit in 1963.

From ‘Public Order’ © Sarah Pickering
The photographs are drawn from webcam footage in the window of the Texas School Book Depository from which it is alleged that JFK was fatally shot from.
The camera’s perspective matches that of the assassin to depict tourists shooting their own memorial photographs.
From X Marks the Spot © Joachim Schmid
The Winners’, by Rafal Milach, documents state and local competitions supported by the Belarusian authorities.
The list of winners incudes the best of the best in contests promoting beauty, public space maintenance, milk maids, Jennifer Lopez look-alikes and potato farmers.
From Sugar Paper Theories © Jack Latham
Winners are presented in kolkhozes, schools, public institutions, nightclubs, village discos and on Boards of Honour in almost each Belarusian town.
In Public Order Sarah Pickering’s photographs explore a ‘town’ purpose built for the training of public safety officers.
From Sugar Paper Theories © Jack Latham
On first glance the images seem to depict an unsettling town, uniform and bland shop fronts and houses clothed in a blanket of grey – with nothing but a field beyond the threshold of a front door.
The resulting images encourage the audience to relook at their own surroundings and onception of reality.
Fake Arrest from the Secret Stasi Archives © Simon Menner and BStU
Hand to Hand Combat training images from Simon Menner’s exploration of the Stasi photographic archives depict sanitised documentation of state sanctioned violence.
The photographs are a highly controlled representation of physical actions which in reality, are anything but. These will be shown alongside a selection of Menner’s False Arrest images.
River Way (Road Block) 2004 from ‘Public Order’ © Sarah Pickering
Jack Latham has created a new installation based on his Sugar Paper Theories project examining one of Iceland’s most notorious unsolved crimes.
Visitors will be able to step inside the den of conspiracy theory guided through the true story by Latham.
Fake Arrest from the Secret Stasi Archives © Simon Menner and BStU
Latham’s installation is in an unnumbered garage at Eaton Manor on the corner of The Drive and Cromwell Rd, Hove. Arrive at 6:30pm and look out for the lights on 28 – 30 October, 18.30 – 21.00.
Control, Presented by Miniclick on show from 21 – 23 and 29 – 30 October 2016, 68 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL. More information here

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