Roger Eberhard Photographs Global Hotels

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He took a picture of the room’s interior, always using the same perspective, and of the vista from its window.
“The result is a typology of rooms which are arranged according to the same formula all over the world,” Eberhard says. “But also the views tell of standardization, of the anonymity of the urban space.”
Eberhard’s new book Standard, which has emerged from the project, offers a fresh and manifold view of a globalized world.
The world’s largest chain of hotels maintains a remarkably uniform design for its rooms and their furnishing and decoration – truly a “standard”.
Yet many of the rooms Eberhard has seen show a slight influence by local taste.
His very particular urban panorama reveals how similar—perhaps exchangeable—the big cities around the globe have become in many aspects and at the same time have kept some of their characteristics.
Three essays complement Eberhard’s photography in this book.
The book fearless an essay German novelist Benedict Wells, reflecting on the monotony he experiences on reading tours staying in successions of hotel rooms.
The book also Franziska Solte, scholar of art history, examine the hotel room as the modern interior par excellence.
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