Photokina News: Panasonic launches next gen GH camera

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Panasonic has announced that the successor to its video-centric Lumix DMC-GH4 camera will arrive in the first half of 2017 and that it will be equipped with the ability to shoot 6K video in 10-bit 4:2:2.
The forthcoming GH5 seems to be a halfway house between now and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 when the company claims it will have 8K capable products.
Panasonic hasn’t released very many details about the GH5, but has said that 6K footage will be possible at 30p and that in 6K Photo mode it will be possible to extract 18-million-pixel JPEG stills from movie clips in-camera. When the cameras become equipped with 8K video those stills will be 33 megapixels. This future product will also feature global shutter and what Panasonic describes as super high dynamic range.
The GH5 model though will also offer a burst mode that will capture 8-megapixel stills at 60fps, and 4K video at a rate of 60fps.
The company also announced plans to introduce a new Leica Zoom series of lenses that all feature a f/2.8-4 aperture range – and no aperture ring. The planned focal lengths will be 8-18mm, 12-60mm and 50-200mm. No prices or other details were given.