Be part of our new nationwide exhibition, Portrait of Britain

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Portrait of Britain will be a groundbreaking exhibition reflecting the unique heritage and diversity of our country through portraits of its people.

We want to see the people of our country through your eyes. Whether you’re shooting family, friends, yourself or simply those you find interesting, we welcome pictures from every corner of Britain, from casual snapshots and selfies to documentary projects and street photography. We want to see portraits that reflect the unique heritage and diversity of our country.

British Journal of Photography will select 100 winning portraits for a nationwide public exhibition to be showcased on JCDecaux digital screens. Visible on high streets, roadsides and in transport hubs across the length and breadth of the country for the month September 2016, the exhibition will be seen by an audience of millions.


Visualisation of a Portrait of Britain exhibition screen at St Pancras International Station. Image © Adama Jalloh
Visualisation of the Portrait of Britain exhibition. Image © Adama Jalloh

“We want diversity in terms of who is being photographed, but we also want to see different ways of photographing,” says Simon Bainbridge, editorial director of British Journal of Photography.

Images that don’t abide by traditional definitions of portraiture aren’t just acceptable – they’re encouraged. “We very much welcome the widest interpretation of a portrait. It might be art photography, documentary photography or straight portraiture, but also personal projects and simple images of family members.

“The pictures that we all take in everyday life, but raised to a higher level by selecting, editing and presenting them in such a wide-ranging public exhibition.”




With national exposure, Portrait of Britain offers the chance for professional and non-professional photographers an equal opportunity to present their work to the broadest possible audience.

“Public art works well when it engages with its surroundings and local population,” says Bainbridge. “That’s what we want to do with Portrait of Britain.

“If you genuinely want your work to be seen by the public, and not just a bunch of gallerists and publishers, this is a unique opportunity to get your work out to an extraordinary amount of people.”

D6 Mall_Liverpool (Clementine)
Visualisation of the Portrait of Britain exhibition. Image © Clementine Schneidermann

Portraits must have been taken after 1st January 2010, and depict subjects living in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) when the photograph was taken. Portraits can be shot using any camera model, film or digital, and may be portrait, landscape or square in format.

Both working photographers and non-professionals are welcome to apply.

Portrait of Britain 2019 will launch on 14 February 2019. More details to be revealed soon.