New raw processing software from Phase One

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Phase One has this morning (Tuesday 16 September) announced the release of Capture One Pro 8. New features include: a ‘Film Grain’ tool, which allows photographers to emulate the effects created by analogue film, and Clone and Heal repair layers, which enable users to remove unwanted objects from images without sacrificing image quality.


Like previous versions, the new imaging software will maintain Phase One’s commitment to providing high quality raw conversion, tethered capture, a customisable workflow and a range of adjustment tools, allowing photographers control and flexibility in the way they manage their images.

Jeppe Skjerning, product manager at Phase One, said: “We have invested heavily to ensure outstanding performance and reliability in Capture One Pro 8 so it fits seamlessly into a professional production environment.”

The Copenhagen-based company is also offering a ‘new subscription option’, which means photographers can avoid buying the software outright, instead paying a small monthly fee to use it.

New customers can obtain Capture One Pro 8 for €229 while owners of previous versions of Capture One Pro may upgrade for €69. For more details about Capture One Pro 8 pricing and availability, visit

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