Kodak discontinues BW400CN film

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Kodak Alaris has said that it holds “a steady decline in sales and customer usage” responsible for its decision to discontinue Professional BW400CN film.

The company, which formed in September 2013 following Kodak’s reorganisation, said in a statement: “We empathise with the Pro photographers and consumers who use and love this film, but given the significant minimum order quantity necessary to coat more product combined with the very small customer demand, it is a decision we have to make.”

The fine-grain chromogenic emulsion “should continue to be available in the market for up to six months, depending on demand,” the statement added.

In light of the news, Ilford was quick to assure photographers that it has “no plans to discontinue Ilford XP2 Super,” a fine-grain, black and white professional ISO 400 film.

In a statement released yesterday, Ilford said the product “continues to be in free supply throughout the world from Ilford Photo Distributors and Photographic Retailers.”

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