New smartphone photography magazine launched

Created by the team behind the multi-award-winning British Journal of Photography magazine, FLTR is designed to be an authoritative voice within the booming worldwide community of smartphone image creators, and includes exclusive interviews with both amateur and professional photographers, highlighting the latest techniques, apps, devices, trends and accessories in smartphone photography.

The first issues of FLTR feature a thought-provoking article by Fred Ritchin, professor of photography and imaging at New York University and former picture editor of The New York Times Magazine, writing about the impact smartphones would have had during traumatic events such as the 9/11 attacks on the US. Further pieces include an interview with Instagram superstar VuThéara Kham, one of the most popular French Instagrammers, a profile of The New York Times Magazine’s director of photography, Kathy Ryan, who makes extensive use of Instagram to share her own images and source photographers for commission, and a look at the popular Everyday Africa project, among many other articles.

The weekly publication is built around a clean, intuitive user interface, bespoke for iPhone. Edited by Olivier Laurent, associate editor of British Journal of PhotographyFLTR will encourage readers to engage with the brand and each other to decide what content to showcase and give them the opportunity to be published within the magazine.

FLTR is designed to engage with an audience of passionate smartphone photographers, eager to develop their skills and learn about products that will help improve their images. It will provide a unique opportunity for dedicated smartphone accessory manufacturers, photography app developers, mobile photography agencies, and other brands looking to attract a young, socially engaged, tech-savvy audience through advertising.

“The iPhone has transformed and democratised photography – turning all of us into potential photographers. It is estimated that more than 880 billion images will be taken over the next 12 months, and smartphones will play a leading role in the production and distribution of these images,” says Laurent.

FLTR is designed specifically to offer a new breed of photographers a weekly dose of authoritative content and advice to help them take their photography to the next level, while also chronicling the massive changes we’re experiencing, thanks to the ubiquitous nature of the smartphone.”

FLTR is available now on Apple’s App Store. The first five issues are free as part of our ‘no-commitment’ subscription offer.

Marc Hartog, CEO of Apptitude Media, which publishes both BJP and FLTR, says: “It is an exciting development as a publisher, to create a bespoke publication built around smartphone photography that is designed for, and distributed on, the same device. Building on the heritage of British Journal of PhotographyFLTR will sit at the intersection of smartphone photography and high-value social media content.”

Download FLTR now on the App Store. You can also follow FLTR on Facebook and Twitter.