Graduate shows 2024: An (almost) comprehensive UK list

From Kerry © Siobhan Dempsey (Ulster). All images © the artists

Diaries out: here’s a list of photography student showcases to look out for this summer

As we approach graduate show season here in the UK, art and photography students up and down the country are working hard to install and promote exhibitions of their final projects. After three years of study, these often self-funded events offer an opportunity for students to present skills and ideas to peers, friends and family – and to prospective creative partners and employers.

For better or worse, the expansion of higher education has led to a proliferation of interdisciplinary courses relating to the study of art – especially at postgraduate level – meaning photographic practices now interact with digital media, visual culture, communications and even data studies. Below we round up upcoming graduate exhibitions from courses that have had particularly strong showings in recent years (in order of first opening). We look forward to seeing more from this year’s graduates in BJP in the future. And remember, there are always online platforms where you can view students’ work, from the Glasgow School of Art and UAL Showcases to Source, which features curated work from many of the courses mentioned above. Congratulations to all involved.

From the series 'Mother' © Freya Cookson (GSA)
From the series 'Source' © Kaiying Qian (GSA)
From the series 'Mother' © Freya Cookson (GSA)
From the series 'Source' © Kaiying Qian (GSA)

Glasgow School of Art, BA Fine Art Photography, Stow Building, 30 May–09 June

Many Flavours One Feast © Kaya Hutchinson (East London)
The Weight of Silence © Emily Damyan (East London)
Game of Shadow © Marco Gafa (East London)

University of East London, BA Photography; BA Commercial Photography, AVA Building, 06–11 June

From the series 'On Belief' © Ryan Gallagher (Ulster)
From the series 'Gathering the Bones' © Allie Crewe (Ulster)
© Jeremiasz Ojrzynski (Ulster)

Ulster University, BA Photography with Video, Belfast School of Art, 07–21 June; MFA Photography, Belfast Exposed, 07–21 June

'Do you believe in Fairies' © Hannah Smith (Gray's)
'Well being adventures' © Innes Gregory (Gray's)
'Location remote' © Cameron Halliday (Gray's)
'Lang Archives' © Jennifer Lang (Gray's)
'Grays Creative Community' © Mateusz Garas (Gray's)
'Station to Station' © Iain Cridland (Gray's)
'Love Within Us' © Katy Greig (Gray's)

Robert Gordon University (Aberdeen), BA Photography, Gray’s School of Art, 08–15 June

University of South Wales, BA Photography, BayArt, 14–20 June; BA Documentary Photography, Wilcox House, 08–13 June

University of Chester, BA Photography, Creative Campus Kingsway, 10–21 June

© Irina Limar (West London)
© Rui Fernandes Garcia (West London)

University of West London, BA Photography, Coningsby Gallery, 11–14 June

From the series 'Sardines' © Gabriella Cowie (UWE)
From the series 'A Distant Home' © Myfan Haslam (UWE)
From the series 'Seeds' © Erin Downey (UWE)
From the series 'San Amado' © Kiowa Casey (UWE)
From the series 'To Me...To You' © Isabella Jones (UWE)
From the series 'HIve' © Nirvana Seepersaud (UWE)

University of the West of England, BA Photography, Copeland Gallery (touring), 13–15 June

University for the Creative Arts, BA Photography, Farnham Campus, 13–25 June

University of Central Lancashire, BA Photography, Hanover Building, 14–18 June

The Third Space © Amber Mylius-King (Boomsatsuma)
Zingiber © Jamie Horrigan (Boomsatsuma)
The sun at home warms better than it does elsewhere © Finnian Hassall (Boomsatsuma)
Untitled 2 © Matthew Roderick (Boomsatsuma)

Boomsatsuma, BA Documentary Photography and Print, Royal Photographic Society (Bristol), 15–30 June

Bath Spa University, BA Photography; BA Fashion Photography, Locksbrook Campus, 15–22 June

Central Saint Martins, MA Contemporary Photography: Practices and Philosophy, Granary Square, 16–30 June

London Metropolitan University, BA Photography, Annex Building, 19–29 June

From ‘Pachamama’s' © Matilda Baxendale-Kirby (RCA)
From 'Gathering Place' © Nina McCue (RCA)
From 'In the garden' © Finan Malcolm (RCA)

Royal College of Art, MA Photography, Battersea Campus, 20–23 June

Swansea College of Art, BA Photography and Fine Art, Copeland Gallery (touring), 20–23 June

Various, Free Range, Truman Brewery, 20–23 June

Arts University Bournemouth, BA Photography; BA Commercial Photography, The Gallery, AUB Campus, 28 June–05 July; MA Photography, The Gallery AUB Campus, 30 August–21 September

Goldsmiths, MA Digital Media: Image Making; Digital Media: Data Visualisation; Photography: The Image and Electronic Arts, Professor Stuart Hall Building, 11–14 July