1845 Presents: Harry Borden, Christopher Barr, Abbie Trayler-Smith, and Haley Morris-Cafiero in partnership with Le Book

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18 alumni from our first round of Fast Track are being represented at LE BOOK 
Coast to Coast in North America on Thursday 29 July. If you’re an unsigned photographer, and want to have your work championed amongst global brand directors, advertising agencies and industry figures this September, enter Fast Track Vol. 2 now.

Partnering with the photographic network Le Book, 1854 Presents brings a series of discussions, hosted by writer, editor and curator Tom Seymour.

This time, we ask how photographers can find inspiration outside of the medium, and how non-photographic pursuits can help locate artistic originality. Joining Seymour in this discussion is portrait photographer Harry Borden, Artist and educator Christopher Barr, Documentary photographer Abbie Trayler-Smith, and performer/artist Haley Morris-Cafiero. With an international panel of award-winning artists, the discussion hopes to investigate exactly how photographers can develop their unique voice, as well the influences and teachings that can be found in other pursuits. The event continues on the themes explored in Le Book’s upcoming Coast to Coast CONNECTIONS event, built for creatives, agencies, producers, and other industry professionals.

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