The Journal of Grievances leaves itself open to interpretation

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The third volume of the journal takes a ‘Fool’s Paradise’ as its theme, curating work that responds to this in varied and abstract ways

A ‘Fool’s Paradise’ is a loaded but broad term; applicable to myriad circumstances, individual and collective. It refers to a state of deceptive happiness based on illusions; fostered by ignorance. And it is also the theme of Antics Publication’s third volume of The Journal of Grievances: a thoughtful photobook, composed of work from Michal Chelbin, and several contributors, selected from an open call. “We wanted a theme that embraced reverie, untamed thoughts and suggestive scenarios; an open call that gathered work, which could speak of the ordinary and intangible,” says Pablo Mejia who co-founded the publishing house with Mateo Ruiz.

A succession of carefully sequenced images composes the journal. Each is distinct, yet flows into the next without disjuncture. The white of a husky’s coat echoes an unmade bed, pillows and duvets rumbled beneath the pink of an illuminated sky; a car’s back window, crawling with small snakes precedes a sinuous Goosebumps tattoo adorning an individual’s back. “We spend a great deal of time sequencing photographs, creating multiple versions of the book and understanding the qualities of each in order to get the storytelling right,” says Mejia. “We selected works that were open to interpretation and that left room to explore their vast possibilities.”

“The primary goal with The Journal Of Grievances is to showcase the work of photographers of all experience levels and give emerging photographers the opportunity to be part of the publishing process,” continues Mejia. “We want the audience to appreciate the varied interpretations of a single circumstance or concept and how these have taken shape throughout the publication.” The volume is a visual feast; intentionally abstract, encouraging viewers to form their own meanings and interpretations.

The Journal of Grievances, Volume 3, is available here