Like Monkeys On A Rock

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The exhibiting artists include Tim Smyth’a series In your Absence, which deals with the new ways in which we interact with each other in today’s hyper-connected world.
Anthony Dawton, Jim McFarlane and Giuseppe Aquili will display work from trips to Niger, Gaza and the Syrian refugee camp at Zaatari on the Syrian – Jordanian border (taken on behalf of UNICEF and Save the Children).
Like Monkeys On a Rock also presents a selection of prints from Henri Kisielewski’s series “Buena Onda” will stand alongside Ana Curbelo’s portrayal of post-embargo Cuba.
Unseen work from much celebrated photojournalist and artist Neil Libbert is also on show.
Individually, these images highlight the boundless diversity, unimaginable absurdity, and widely accepted inequality that characterise human life on our planet. Perhaps together they can point to the likeness we bear to each other as monkeys on a rock going round the sun in space.
The show brings together photographers from different generations, disciplines and parts of the world for one evening.
The show took place the Averard Hotel, an abandoned Victorian hotel on the northern edge of Hyde Park in London.
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Tom Seymour

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