Nikon releases D810

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“It will produce the finest image quality in Nikon’s history,” claim the makers of the D810, Nikon’s latest high-resolution DSLR. The 36.3-megapixel DSLR is an upgrade to the D800 and D800E, released just over two years ago. “In true Nikon tradition [we have made] the best even better,” said the company at a press conference in London. Aimed at both professionals and advanced enthusiasts, the D810 features an FX-CMOS sensor, designed without an optical low-pass filter, an ISO range of 64 to 12800 (extendable from 32 up to 51200 equivalent) and an Expeed 4 image processor (the same image-processing engine as used in the D4S).

“Feedback from professional photographers has been integral to the development of this product, upping the game of high-resolution photography,” said Simon Iddon, group product manager for DSLR products at Nikon UK, in a press statement. “Significant increases in speed and ISO versatility, along with new features that minimise the camera’s internal vibrations during shooting for incredible stability, make the Nikon D810 the ultimate tool for visionary photographers working across a broad range of genres.”

The D810 has a multi-cam 3500FX 51-point AF system that enables full-resolution images to be made at up to 5/fps; in DX crop mode, the camera can take 15.3-MP images at up to 7/fps. The new ‘group area AF’ mode offers improved background isolation, according to the company.


The LCD monitor has also been improved to a 3.2-inch 1229k-dot resolution.

New features include a live view split-screen zoom that allows users to check levelling and sharpness, while the second-generation ‘picture control system’ provides tools for making before and after adjustments, including sharpening, contrast, brightness, hue, clarity and saturation. New settings include the ‘clarity’ and ‘flat’ features, the latter preserving detail and tonal information in both highlights and shadows.

Responding to customer feedback, the company has introduced the raw Size S file format, which delivers 12-bit uncompressed Nikon NEF files for faster image transfer, while a new electronic front-curtain shutter is designed to minimise internal vibrations and reduce the risk of micro-blur.

Nikon is dedicating a great deal of time and energy to improving video-recording capabilities across its DSLR range, “an area that continues to grow in importance”, it says.

The D810 raises the bar by offering full HD (1080p) movies in FX- and DX-format at 50/60p frame rates. 3D noise reduction alleviates distortion and flicker when filming at high sensitivities, and Zebra mode reveals blown highlights.

The camera also has wired and wireless connectivity.

The Nikon D810 is available from 17 July, priced at £2699.99 (body only).

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