New exhibition opens at Brighton gallery

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Recently opened photography gallery One Eyed Jacks looks to North America for its next exhibition, which features images by three photographers.

Founded in October 2012 by photographer Matt Henry, the Brighton-based gallery is showing 17 images by photographers Thomas Gardiner, Ari Gabel and Jack Latham.

Canadian photographer Thomas Gardiner, who is currently based in Brooklyn, New York, shows work from his series Untitled USA and Western Canada. The Yale photography graduate began documenting working-class cities in northeast America, specifically New Haven, during his MFA Photography degree course, and has also spent time photographing the small communities in and around where he grew up in western Canada.

Ari Gabel, who was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, contributes images from Tired of Being Tired, a series of images exploring his love of the Mississippi Delta Blues, and from Good River, which documents the lives of residents in Ohio River Valley.

Welsh photographer Jack Latham, who graduated from the BA Documentary Photography course in Newport at the University of Wales in 2012, contributes images from Pink Flamingo, a series about settlers along the Oregon Trail.

The exhibition runs from 24 January until 24 March.

This article was amended to correct an error – ‘Canada’ was removed from the first sentence. The opening date of the exhibition has also changed from 17 to 24 January.