New iPhone app celebrates double exposure photography

“I was always amazed by the results I got when sharing rolls of films with other people to shoot over,” says Adam Scott, Lomography UK’s former managing director and the CEO of Dubble, a new app company. “Sometimes the results weren’t good but more often than not you would get these photographic miracles.”

Scott has been looking to bring this “unpredictability and suspense” to the iPhone, which has become one of the world’s most popular cameras since its launch in 2007. “[Smartphone photography] seemed to be about showing off your photo to get likes, comments and more followers. That’s when I had the idea for Dubble,” he tells BJP.


Dubble is a free iPhone application that lets users shoot a picture and upload it to the dubble community. The picture is then randomly paired with another community member’s photograph to create a “digitally-blended, dubble image,” says the company’s founders. The resulting image can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, with support for Instagram and Tumblr coming later this year. “We have a healthy roadmap of features we will add over the next 12 to 18 months that will really improve the ability for people to collaborate photographically,” says Scott.

The free app is available now on the App Store. For more details, visit