Impossible Project launches iOS app “to bridge the digital and analog photography worlds”

Launched ahead of the introduction of Impossible’s Instant Lab, the iOS application will lets allow users to create analog, instant photographs from their digital images. The Instant Lab is a film-processing unit that can “take” an instant photo of an iPhone screen. The lab features a cradle to hold the iPhone and uses a specialised lens to focus the iPhone’s Retina display on the film plane. It also has an extendable bellows to keep the exact distance between the phone, the optical system and the film.


The free app also comes with an integrated scanning tool for analog photographs, “making it easier to digitise and share those images,” says Impossible in a prepared statement. “While scanning with conventional desktop scanners can be time-consuming, the Impossible Project App ensures those analog photos can be digitised and shared in just seconds.”

From the app, users can gain access to the Impossible User Gallery, where thy can browse, comment and upload their images straight from their phones. A film shop has also be included in the app.

For more details about the app, visit the Impossible Project website. Download the application on the App Store.