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Kyotographie announces its 10th anniversary programme

Reading Time: 4 minutes A decade since its first edition, KYOTOGRAPHIE reignites the Japanese city of Kyoto after a difficult couple of years. Taking place citywide, the festival returns to its winning formula: eclectic programming, unconventional venues, and a focus on community

1 March 2022

Laundry Art by Ho Wing Ka Jimmi

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ho Wing Ka Jimmi’s colourful images of Hong Kong show how residents of one of the world’s most densely populated cities are challenging the use of public space

24 April 2019

Kyotographie 2019: VIBE

Reading Time: 6 minutes Japan is thousands of miles away from the Western world where photography was born, but its scene is thriving. Not only do they lead the world in camera and printing technology, but from the radical photographers of PROVOKE, to the cutting-edge work of rising stars, its practitioners are internationally recognised and respected; and its photofestivals are are no different in quality or flare. Set within the ancient city of Kyoto, among countless temples, shrines, and imperial palaces, is Japan’s largest international photofestival, Kyotographie. It returns this spring for the seventh time, catching the last of the cherry blossoms – an important season in Japan, symbolic of renewal and the fleeting nature of life.

19 March 2019