Best of 2018

BJP-online Loves…

Reading Time: 7 minutes BJP-online saw out 2018 by asking 13 photo-people from around the world to pick out the projects that most interested them over the past year – including The Guardian’s photo critic Sean O’Hagan, the FT Weekend Magazine’s director of photography Emma Bowkett, and BJP editorial director Simon Bainbridge

3 January 2019

Best of 2018: Gina Amama, AWCA

Reading Time: 2 minutes Gina Amama from A Whitespace Create Agency in Lagos, Nigeria, picks out what caught her eye in 2018 – including Michael Oliver Love’s “mind-blowing” editorial for Africa is Now magazine

1 January 2019

Best of 2018: Marina Paulenka, Organ Vida festival

Reading Time: 4 minutes The director and co-curator of the award-winning Organ Vida festival in Croatia – which this year devoted its programme to work by women – picks out the projects that interested her in 2018

1 January 2019

Best of 2018: Rafal Milach

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rafal Milach, a Magnum Photos nominee and Deutsche Börse finalist, picks out three interesting projects from 2018

31 December 2018

Best of 2018: Emma Bowkett, FT Weekend Magazine

Reading Time: 5 minutes Emma Bowkett, the acclaimed director of photography for the FT Weekend Magazine, picks out the projects that “inspired, educated, excited and/or challenged me personally” in 2018

29 December 2018

Best of 2018: Just Another Photo Festival

Reading Time: 3 minutes Just Another Photo Festival is a photography, film, and new media festival based in Kolkata; here its co-founders, photographers Poulomi Basu and CJ Clarke, pick out what caught their eye this year

28 December 2018

Best of 2018: Emilie Lauriola, Le Bal Books

Reading Time: 3 minutes The director of the respected bookshop in Paris’ Le Bal gallery picks out her favourite photography and projects, including Joanna Piotrowska’s Frantic

27 December 2018

Best of 2018: Arnis Balcus, Riga Photomonth

Reading Time: 2 minutes Arnis Balcus, photographer, editor in chief of FK Magazine and director of Riga Photomonth, picks out the projects that caught his eye, including Georgs Avetisjans’ Homeland The Longest Village

26 December 2018

Best of 2018: Alnis Stakle, Riga Photomonth

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alnis Stakle, Latvian photographer, Professor of Photography at the Rigas Stradins University, and curator of Riga Photomonth, on his five stand-out projects of 2018, including a new project at the Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography which has already seen the publication of KOCHETOV by Viktor and Sergey Kochetov

25 December 2018