1854 Presents: Gia Goodrich on the beauty of representation

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In collaboration with Direct Digital – the leading international photographic equipment rental facility – 1854 Media introduces Industry Insights, a series which delves into the ins and outs of the commercial photography industry

Photographer, producer, educator, and podcaster Gia Goodrich shares a look into her creative fields, past projects, and hopes for the future of photography.

“If you distill down everything I do, I help people figure out how they shine in their most authentic way,” explains Gia Goodrich. Interviewed by 1854 Present’s own Zoe Harrison, Goodrich talks us through her career as a commercial, portrait and fashion photographer, giving a closer look into her methodologies, artistic process, and latest productions. From past work such as the groundbreaking Love Wins portrait series to more recent projects with Nike, Adidas and Pandora, Goodrich maintains a message of true representation and beauty throughout.

Goodrich works to make media content that reflects the personalities in front and behind the camera, “sharing their story and perspective” on a personal level. Through this emotive process, she is able to tell collaborative stories that go beyond conventional commercial photography. “If we can create emotional connections, it can circumvent any stories we tell to ourselves,” she explains.

Find out more about Goodrich via her podcast and YouTube

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Isaac Huxtable

Isaac Huxtable joined the British Journal of Photography in October 2020, where he is currently the Editorial Assistant. Prior to this, he studied a BA in History of Art at the Courtauld Instititue of Art, London.