The Unseen Dummy Award shortlist announced

Unseen and Lecturis created and designed the photobook dummy award to give the work of exceptional photographers from around the world the chance to realise and publish their photobook dummy.
The selected photographers to be shortlisted are the following:
Milou Abel – Eelke & Charles
Mathieu Asselin – Monsanto: A Photographic Investigation
Olga Bushkova – A Google Wife
Flaviu Cacoveanu – ABCDEFOREVER
Dieter De Lathauwer – I loved my wife  (killing children is good for the economy)
Dusan Djordevic – SIV-Time capsule
Johannes Fiola – We have some glimpse of hope
Tomoya Fuji – Planet
Lucía Gómez – GÓMEZ
Elisa Gonzalez Miralles – WANNABE
Maria Kapajeva – Reading Apocrypha
Noortje Knulst – The Every Other Day
Adél Koleszár – New Routes of Faith
Martin Lamberty – Dream for Sale
Anastasiya Lazurenko – Pearly Gates
Natalia Marzec – SPECERE
Stefanie Moshammer – Land Of Black Milk
Liz Orton – A Handful of Soil for the Whole Horizon
Alessandro Perini – Operation Olympiad
Jana Plavec – Windows of Chanov
Roos Quakernaat – A Proper Dish 
Ieva Raudsepa – Cruise
Caro Ray –Democratic Landscape
David Schikora – No Tips No Show
Torsten Schumann – Inclined
Nishant Shukla -– Seeking Moksha (release from the cycle of rebirth)
Senta Simond – KEUN GUI SO NYEO / Girls With Big Ears
Katarina Šoškić – I became a milkman’s donkey
Alnis Stalke – Melancholic Road
Clare Steele – J.W.
Daniel Stier – any two for five 
Jeanne Tullen – Womb
Nita Vera – Spatial Practices
Jagoda Wisniewska – Czarna Madonna
Xiaoxiao Xu – Orim Oil
Yosuke Yajima – a way of seeing
Agustin Zuluaga Olarte – Santisimo Sacramento
On Friday the 23rd of September, an international jury will come together to select one photobook dummy as the winner, which will be announced in the Unseen Living Room.
This year, the jury comprisesd of Paul van Mameren (Managing Director, Lecturis), Irma Boom (graphic designer), Sean O’Hagan (journalist, The Guardian) and Francesco Zanot (Chief Curator at Camera Centro Italiano per la Fotografia’s).
Unseen Festival is on from 16-25 September. More details are available here.

Tom Seymour

Tom Seymour is an Associate Editor at The Art Newspaper and an Associate Lecturer at London College of Communication. His words have been published in The Guardian, The Observer, The New York Times, Financial Times, Wallpaper* and The Telegraph. He has won Writer of the Year and Specialist Writer of the year on three separate occassions at the PPA Awards for his work with The Royal Photographic Society.