Advertorial: Growing your photography business with Photographer Whoosh

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With so many photographers out there, gaining a strong foothold in the photography business comes with its difficulties and frustrations.  Conventional ways of advertising are becoming ineffective, so more and more photographers are now turning to digital media to promote their business.

However, the Internet can be a complicated place for the inexperienced. Take Google — if you’re a photographer looking for work, advertising on Google might seem like a good opportunity to gain access to a huge pool of potential customers.  Currently there is huge search volume for photographer related keywords at Google; around half a million people search for “photographer” related keywords every month in the UK.

However, there are some serious issues to consider here.  You’re likely an inexperienced Google Adwords marketer, and you will most probably waste your money in a relatively short time. Lack of experience in setting up effective AdWord campaigns often ends up attracting irrelevant traffic to your site, and you still have to pay for that traffic. Although AdWords might be showing, say, 10 clicks for the keyword ‘wedding photographer’, it does not necessarily mean that those who clicked your ad are genuinely interested in wedding photography.   

Generally, you are required to pay around £1 per each click, whether relevant or not. You can imagine how much of your earnings you could be wasting. Digital marketing for the inexperienced could be an expensive venture; costs can easily exceed your budget with next to no return on your investment.

What is the alternative? provides an affordable unique way for photographers to connect with people seeking local photographers.  It’s instant, accurate and affordable marketing for photographers. 

With a fixed monthly subscription and guaranteed relevant jobs matching your criteria, it can aid photographers to grow their business.