Institute announces new members

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The latest members to join photography agency Institute have been revealed.

Photographers Vincent Fournier, Lee Grant and Claire Martin have contributed to a wide variety of publications, which include: The Wall Street Journal, TIME magazine, and Wallpaper*, among others.

Vincent Fournier, born in Burkina Faso in 1970, is currently based in Paris. His work, which combines documentary and staged photography, questions perception and reality, and explores the element of dream and mystery in scientific and technological research.

“Vincent Fournier is someone we have admired for a long time”, says Institute executive director, Matt Shonfeld. “I believe he is one of the best image-makers in the world today.”


Lee Grant is a documentary and portrait photographer whose exploration of migrant life in Australian suburbia examines identity, integration, and inhabited landscapes. “Grant has created a niche in photography”, says Shonfeld. “Given her Korean-Australian heritage, the work is partly autobiographical.”

Fellow Australian Claire Martin trains her lens on marginalised communities within prosperous nations. With a degree in social work, but choosing to take a path of photography, “Martin’s work is more reportage in aesthetic that led her to collaborate on the ambitious and multi-faceted Danube Revisited project alongside several wonderful female documentarians”, says Shonfeld.

By welcoming Australian photographers Martin and Grant into the fold, the agency will extend its presence in and around Australia, allowing it to “fulfil more Australian and Asian assignment opportunities”, the executive director adds.

The three photographers will join a host of award-winning visual storytellers, who include: Jason Larkin, Simon Norfolk and Ilona Szwarc.

For more details, visit the Institute website.

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Charlotte Harding

Charlotte Harding is a writer, creative consultant and editor of More This, a sustainable sourcebook for doing good, based in London. She has been writing for British Journal of Photography since 2014, and graduated in 2016 with an MA in Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, UoL. Her work is published on various arts and culture platforms, including AnOther, TOAST and Noon Magazine.