National Geographic launches in-house stock agency

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The in-house agency, called National Geographic Creative, is a new portal that “gives professional content buyers immediate access to hundreds of photographs and footage as well as National Geographic’s pool of award-winning photographers and filmmakers,” says the 125-year-old magazine.

The agency will license National Geographic photography and video to commercial and editorial clients and makes National Geographic talent available for custom marketing campaigns, in branded and non-branded formats, it says.


“National Geographic has one of the world’s richest archives of still and moving imagery, with a perspective that we believe is unique to the market,” says Alice Keating, vice president of sales and marketing at National Geographic Creative. “Using the expertise of our talent and the unique imagery of National Geographic, we have collaborated with global brands such as Canon, HSBC and DuPont to create advertising campaigns and corporate branding materials. With National Geographic Creative, we hope to expand our services to an even wider array of advertisers, marketers, editorial publishers and other creative professionals, as we make it easier than ever for them to access our content.”

The National Geographic Creative collections include hundreds of thousands of images, taken from the magazine’s archives of 11.5m photographs, as well as more than 100,000 video clips.

Custom marketing campaigns will be handled by the National Geographic Creative Studio, directed by Jenifer Berman. “We are in a unique position at National Geographic,” she says in a press statement. “We have an iconic brand that consumers love. With our new digital storytelling capabilities, we are stronger than ever before, and our ability to use all these assets to tell stories for our clients is truly powerful.”

For more information, visit the National Geographic Creative website.