AFP v. Morel trial date set

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CNN has joined the ABC and CBS networks in settling its case against Daniel Morel over the “illegal distribution and use” of images the freelance photographer took of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.


According to people familiar with the case, CNN has agreed to settle with Morel for an undisclosed amount.

In early 2010, CNN had joined ABC, CBS, as well as Agence France Presse and Getty Images in accusing Morel of engaging in an “antagonistic assertion of rights” for claiming the news organisations had no right to use and distribute his images.

However, in December 2010, the United States District Court of the Southern District of New York declined Agence France Presse’s and other parties’ requests to dismiss Morel’s claims against the agency. In its ruling, the court found that the photographer could go ahead with his claims based on the Copyright Act and the Millennium Copyright Act – a decision that significantly strengthened Morel’s case.

While CNN has settled, BJP can confirm that Morel’s case against Agence France Presse and Getty Images continues, and should be tried in court in late summer.