Tag: Space

A surreal journey through space and human perception

Reading Time: 6 minutes With the IET International Engineering Photography Competition currently open for applications, we caught up with photographer Robert Ormerod to discuss the challenge and excitement of visualising space exploration.

12 August 2019

Apollo’s Muse: The moon in the age of photography

Reading Time: 2 minutes Half a billion viewers around the world tuned in to watch the first moon landing.. 50 years later, a new exhibition traces photographic representations of the moon from the dawn of the medium to the present day

20 July 2019

Felicia Honkasalo’s portrait of her late grandfather

Reading Time: 4 minutes When Felicia Honkasalo’s grandfather passed away in 2009, he left behind boxes full of rocks and minerals, and stacks of notes, sketches, and fading photographs. “No one else in the family wanted them,” says Honkasalo, who never got the opportunity to meet her grandfather, “I was really intrigued by it all, but I didn’t really know what to do with it at first”.
Honkasalo’s debut book, Grey Cobalt, is an attempt to construct imagined memories of her grandfather, who was a metallurgist during the Cold War in Finland as well as an avid cosmologist. Published by Loose Joints, the book release accompanies an exhibition at the Webber Gallery in London, which will run till 15 February.

25 January 2019