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Sebastião Salgado: Gold

As Taschen republishes Sebastião Salgado’s classic reportage from the Serra Pelada gold mine, a former Magnum director recalls the day it first landed on his desk

3 September 2019

Sebastião Salgado’s Eternal Images of Humanity on the Move

Sixteen years ago, Sebastião Salgado published Exodus. The Brazilian photographer spent six years, and visited more than 35 countries, to document the fraught, desperate and forced mass movement of humans around the globe. He photographed the roads they walked, the impermanent camps they built, the overcrowded city slums where they ended up. As the iconic photobook is republished, we see different people, of a different generation, telling the same story. By looking again at Salgado’s Exodus, we cannot help but reflect on the unchanging plight of those trying to seek a new home.

28 July 2016