Edmund Clark's immersive study of prison life goes on show at the Ikon Gallery

“I hate myself because I am a murderer… You can’t save me… We are a faceless, forgotten part of society…” These are just some of the intimate, often devastating thoughts of the inmates at HMP Grendon, a category B men’s facility in Buckinghamshire and Europe’s only “wholly therapeutic” prison. Their words accompany My Shadow’s Reflection, a series informed by Edmund Clark’s artist-in-residence at Grendon, which forms part of his larger body of work, In Place of Hate, on show at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham from 06 December.

1 December 2017

Shooting the Bitter Summer on Bari's Canalone Beach

Puglia’s undulating coastline on the Adriatic and Ionian seas offers respite to locals during the summer months, when temperatures can rise above 40°C in southern Italy. August in particular is a time when whole extended families flee to the region’s coastal spots to escape the prolonged, infernal heatwaves. But Puglia’s medieval hill towns, teetering on clifftops overlooking sparkling water, are out of reach to millions of Italians in the grip of economic hardship and many Apulians seek relief closer to their own doorsteps. Photography duo Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni had been working together in Puglia on two projects focused on environmental issues before deciding to make their latest work, Bitter Summer, documenting holidaymakers on a makeshift beach in Puglia’s capital Bari, the largest port city in the Adriatic.

30 October 2017

Portraits of the 30,000 Somali Diaspora in Minneapolis, America

In the early 1990s, when the world watched TV footage of a Somalia once again devastated by recurring famine, the United States started taking in refugees as part of an international humanitarian relief effort. Many settled in Minneapolis, where they soon found jobs and integrated into the wider Minnesota community.

12 September 2016

My Winter Holiday in Beijing

Cedric Van Turtlebloom’s contemporary documentary style centres around everyday life – but not as we know it. Currently editing his second photobook, in which he takes a quizzical look at China’s burgeoning middle class and its penchant for artificial ski slopes, his visual stories are anything but conventional.

9 September 2016

Agent Orange: The Legacy of the Vietnam war

The Vietnam War ended more than 40 years ago, and for many it is a distant memory. But the legacy of chemical warfare lives on in the form of birth defects and debilitating health in a great many Vietnamese. Tobias Nicolai’s series, The Inheritance From The Vietnam War, examines why this dark period of modern times can never be considered “just another chapter in a history book”.

20 June 2016