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Shoot the Sequel: Then & Now America

Reading Time: 2 minutes In collaboration with 1854/British Journal of Photography, MPB – a major international platform for used photography and videography equipment marketplace for second-hand camera equipment – is commissioning two new photographic projects exploring the iconic moments, movements and narratives that traverse America’s past and present

13 January 2021

Creative Brief: Lucy Conticello

Reading Time: 4 minutes Our Creative Brief this month is Lucy Conticello, the director of photography at M, the magazine arm of French newspaper, Le Monde

30 June 2020

Creative Brief: Beth Wilkinson

Reading Time: 4 minutes For this month’s creative brief, we speak to Beth Wilkinson, founder of Lindsay magazine: “The goal is to capture the real world through a curious and artisanal lens”

15 November 2019

Creative Brief: Maxine Leonard

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maxine Leonard, co-founder of Beauty Papers, discusses the biannual magazine giving the beauty industry a radical new face

11 October 2019

Creative Brief: Anja Charbonneau

Reading Time: 4 minutes “Our interpretation of cannabis culture has never been seen before,” says the founder of Broccoli, a magazine created by and for women who love cannabis

16 August 2019