Hyoyeon Kim

Winning bodies of work

Abnormal Sense’ work was started by a photographer who grew up with grandmother who lost her whole family by the atomic bomb in Hiroshima, 1945. Since 2018, she has been tracking down the generations of Korean atomic bomb victims in (Hapcheon,) South Korea, and Hiroshima, Japan. “Korea has the second largest number of victims of atomic bombings in the world. But their existence has so far been hidden by diplomatic and social circumstances. My personal experience has led me to question, in particular, about the people going through the process in the aftermath of the bombings (radiation exposure) and their current situations and family. What I’ve clearly learned during my work is that the event occurred in a day 75 years ago across the sea still has a harsh yet valid effect on unspecified generation to generation, even on children in the future. ‘Abnormal Sense’ series has begun from my family history. But it is also our present, either.

Abnormal Sense: 感覺異常