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Get seen Free entry to all 6 of 1854’s career-changing photography awards.
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“British Journal of Photography – Profiling & empowering the best emerging talent since 1854”

1854 Website
Unlimited access to all of our digital content on 1854.photography (Normally $20.00 per month)
1854 Journal June
British Journal of Photography, our bi-monthly, collectible print issue (Normally $25.00 )
Support your students’ professional development with deep industry insights.
Challenge them creatively with the best contemporary photography.

Get Seen

Your students get free entry to all of 1854’s industry-leading awards.
Unlock opportunities to get seen by a global audience and top industry insiders who can truly impact their careers.

Portrait of Britain

Celebrating the many faces of modern Britain.

Series entry, normally $49.00

Decade of Change

Harnessing the collective voice of our creative community to explore the most urgent issue of our time: the environment.

Series entry, normally $47.00

Portrait of Humanity

Proving there is more that unites us than sets us apart.

Series entry, normally $47.00

BJP International Photography Award

Launching the careers of tomorrow’s biggest names.

Series entry, normally $47.00

Female in Focus

Promoting exceptional women-identifying photographers.

Series entry, normally $47.00


Promoting photographers in prestigious locations around the world.

Series entry, normally $47.00

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  • includedBritish Journal of Photography Learn More

    Unlimited digital access to all the latest articles and photography from British Journal of Photography, plus our online archive and 7+ years of back issues. Celebrating the best in contemporary photography since 1854!

  • includedCurrent Digital Articles – Unlimited Access
  • includedArchive Digital Articles – Unlimited Access
  • excludedCollectable Printed Editions Learn More

    Designed to inspire, this is British Journal of Photography in its finest form. 1,080 carefully curated, beautifully bound pages of the best in contemporary photography delivered to your door as six bimonthly, limited edition, ad-free print edition.

  • includedSubmit to Editorial Learn More

    Get your work seen by 1854’s multi-award-winning editorial team. Have the opportunity to be seen by the most influential decision-makers in the industry.

  • includedAll 1854 Awards Learn More

    1854 Access members get free entry to all six of 1854’s career-changing awards.

  • includedPortrait of Humanity Learn More

    An award that commemorates our differences and the power of photography in breaking boundaries. 100 winning images exhibited digitally on Clear Channel screens internationally, seen by millions.

  • includedPortrait of Britain Learn More

    An award that captures the many diverse faces of modern Britain. 100 winning images exhibited on digital screens across the UK in the country’s largest photography exhibition.

  • includedFemale in Focus Learn More

    An award that acknowledges and celebrates talented women-identifying and non-binary photographers. Winners exhibited as part of a group show in New York.

  • includedOpenWalls Learn More

    An opportunity for emerging and established artists to have their work exhibited at Europe’s most influential photography festival. Group show for 50+ winners at Galerie Huit Arles, France alongside Les Rencontres d’Arles.

  • includedBJP International Photography Award Learn More

    An award in search of the best in contemporary photography. Win your own career-making solo show at TJ Boulting gallery in London.

  • includedDecade of Change Learn More

    An award dedicated to using the power of photography to raise awareness and inspire positive action on the climatic crisis.

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