© Josh Edgoose shot on Leica.

Leica x 1854 Commission Series

Witnesses of: Individuality

This commission is now closed.

Witnesses of: Individuality is the third and final theme of the Leica x 1854 Commission Series, a new collaboration between 1854 and the historic camera brand Leica.

From March – May 2021, one photographer will be selected each month to receive a £5,000 commission fee to create a new body of work on a specific theme. The winner will also be awarded a spot on the coveted Leica Lab, an educational programme that connects industry experts with aspiring photographers to help them develop their practices. 

This commission is exclusive to 1854 Access Members.

© Leica Ambassador, Emily Garthwaite

Individuality is a broad term, but at the heart of it is the idea that some among us are truly unique. All ideas take inspiration from others, but it’s how we express them that matters. It’s not what we value, but how we live by those values that distinguishes one from another.

For this final theme, we want to hear your own interpretations of the term individuality. When you think about it, do you think of yourself or someone else? How would you photograph and bear witness to such an elusive quality?

The Commission:

The Leica x 1854 Commission Series is offering three photographers the chance to create new bodies of work using Leica’s prized equipment and a £5000 commission fee. The last theme in the series is Witnesses of: Individuality


The winning photographer will also be awarded a free place on the Leica Lab, a world-renowned educational programme composed of various courses.

How to Apply

Step 1: Show us your work

For the chance to win this final commission, submit 10 images from your archive that give a good overview of your practice and photographic style.
Please note: These images are intended for us to get to know you as a photographer and do not need to relate to the commission theme.

Step 2: Proposal Submission

If shortlisted, we’ll reach out to ask for a 100-word proposal detailing how you would respond photographically to this month’s theme.

Step 3: Proposal development and selection

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges from Leica and Studio 1854, with the shortlisted photographers progressing through to a proposal development stage.

The commissioned shoot will take place between 21st June and 12th July 2021.

We welcome a range of submissions and different interpretations of the theme, whether it be cultural, social or nuanced.

Applications are open to photographers at any stage of their career.

Picture taken from the series, The Black Balloon Archive, © Liz Johnson Artur. Provided by Leica Lab

Applications for Witnesses of: Individuality are now closed.

This commission is exclusive to 1854 Access Members.