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Leica x 1854 Commission Series

Witnesses of: Devotion

This Commission is now closed.

Witnesses of: Devotion is the second theme in the Leica x 1854 Commission Series, a collaboration between 1854 and the historic camera brand Leica.


How do you photograph devotion?
A way of life. A religion. A hobby. A person. A cause.
You can witness your own devotion, or you can be witness to somebody else’s.


One photographer will be paid £5,000 to produce a personal body of work that responds to the theme Witnesses of: Devotion.
They will also be given a place on the Leica Lab,
one of the industry’s most prestigious online courses for burgeoning photographers.
This commission is exclusive to 1854 Access Members.
© Leica Ambassador, Emily Garthwaite with the Leica SL2

Devotion. It is a word bandied around often but when you stop to think about it – really think about it – to be devoted is somewhat exceptional. Love, loyalty, boundless enthusiasm towards someone or something. Without hesitancy or exception. To be devoted is to put that something above anything else. In a world full of responsibility and distraction, to be devoted – truly devoted – is a wonderful and admirable thing. 

The Commission:

The Leica x 1854 Commission Series is offering photographers the chance to create new bodies of work using Leica’s industry-leading equipment. The second theme in the series is Witnesses of: Devotion

One selected photographer will receive a £5,000 project fee to create a body of work that responds to the theme Witnesses of: Devotion. The photographer will also win a place on the world-renowned online learning platform, Leica Lab (ordinarily costing £2,400). 

How to Apply

Simply submit 10 of your own images alongside a short 100-word description of your photographic response to the theme. 


Submissions will be considered by a panel of judges from Leica and 1854.


There will be a further proposal development stage with shortlisted photographers.


The project period will run between 24 May and 14 June 2021.


The theme Witnesses of: Devotion is deliberately broad; we welcome interpretations of any form, from photographers at any stage of their career. 

© Robbie Lawrence. Provided by Leica Lab.
‘It’s our world, our tiny world, and it deserves to be witnessed – because it’s all we’ve got.’


Applications for Witnesses of: Devotion close 29 April 2021.

This commission is exclusive to 1854 Access Members.

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This commission is now closed.