Florence Babin-Beaudry

Winning bodies of work

Products of Conception addresses the topic of spontaneous abortions. Twenty-three million miscarriages occur each year worldwide – that is, one in five pregnancies. Despite the fact that pregnancy loss is common, the silence around the phenomenon persists. It brings a grief that is often misunderstood and suffered in silence.

Many women say it’s a strange feeling of having lost someone, without knowing exactly who to mourn. A unique and unpleasant sense of biological loneliness.

Here are women who have lived through this ordeal, accompanied by seeds, fruits, and vegetables that symbolize the residual products of conception. In the world of motherhood, each week of pregnancy brings a new comparison. At eight weeks, the fetus is the size of a raspberry; at twenty-four weeks, it is a corncob; at thirty-nine weeks, a watermelon.

Products of Conception