Lucia Jost

Winning body of work

The myth surrounding the Berlin Woman is complex. Who she is is difficult to grasp. She is considered fearless, sometimes irreverent. She is often called ironic, sometimes sentimental and occasionally grumpy. But then she is also quite different again, and in the end, you never really know. I have often asked myself how I became the woman I am. Did my mother or my hometown raise me? Maybe you cannot separate these two. It’s not without a reason that Berlin is lovingly called the mother city. CAPITAL DAUGHTERS is a homage to the Berlin woman of today. An ode to the female influences on this city and its culture. My female gaze on the women of my generation and the multifaceted stories of emancipation in my hometown. This long-term project is a search for the connection between women and the city. A search for my own origin, which led me back to motherhood, back to friendship and sisterhood, to Berlin neighborhoods and bedrooms. Back to the women who give us the freedom to be ourselves. My photographs are an attempt to show some of the facets of femininity. Above all, they are a declaration of love to a whole new generation of creative and self-confident young women.