Andrei Farcasanu

Winning bodies of work

Timeless Interventions is a liminal series of lith printed analogue photographs which incite an interruption in consciousness and a whispered memory of the future. Imperishable in context and material in form, the series surfaces from the depths of the ethereal. Able to be held in the intimate space of a hand – a quiet universe where a story unfolds – these works are vastly small, and conjure precious manifestations of the sublime. Here is a constructed iconography, with complex and archetypal elements of our natural world, performing as an immutable testament to the underlying sensibilities infused within it. As poetry witnesses the necessity of perusal, so too these sequences are a siren for intimate contemplation and reflection. These images are the weather pattern of our emotions, evaporating and returning to us, as rainfall in an eternal cycling of resources. A boat floats in an invisible lake of whiteness, which we see only because the empty space embraces it with our own participation, our imagination, which is activated through a minimum of elements; possibilities are delicately defined, while allowing an open entry into a private world. The compositions have a grandiosity of scale, both literally and figuratively, expressing feelings we have yet to give names to; they are private meditations on our existence, bringing a human quality of closeness into the realm of public space.

Timeless Interventions