Tom Marshak

Winning bodies of work

Tom Marshak is a London-based photographer from Tel Aviv. He graduated with honors from the department of photography at Hadassah College, Jerusalem, in 2008, after which he immediately developed a passion for portraiture. He began photographing the people that crossed his path and he attempted to understand his surroundings through the medium. Marshak is fascinated by opposites and by the strangeness in the everyday, and over time these observations have become a series of photographs titled A Diary. This ongoing documentary project, started in 2011, is made of memories created using different analog cameras. Shooting these images has always been a personal affair for him and so the diary has continued for the last decade. In 2015, he won an award for the work and was invited to take part in a group exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris. In 2019, he presented his debut solo exhibition, summarising the last ten years of the project. This collection of work was also published as a book and was stocked in Whitechapel Gallery and The Photographers’ Gallery in London.

This series of photographs, titled RIDE, were taken at Thruxton Race Circuit in Hampshire, England. Inspired by the idea of photographing the culture of UK car shows and the men behind the wheels, Marshak travelled to Thruxton to capture the scenes at the big race. Upon arriving and being welcomed by a sea of different food and drink stands, he was “filled with lust for an event full of colours and speed”. His eyes scouring the crowd gathered in the circuit, wandering around rows of glittering, luxury cars, he chose to focus his lens on the men who spend so much time with their precious toys. He witnessed “a kind of resemblance between the car and its owner”. The men zoom around the track in their machines, made race-ready by hours of tinkering, trying to keep both of their parts together as they get old side-by-side.