Micha Serraf

Winning bodies of work


Micha Serraf is a Zimbabwean photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. His photographic practice is composed of commercial and fine art photography with focal points on fashion, conceptual portraiture and social consciousness. The process of working with local creatives, designers and “other people who, like myself, fled their home countries” is integral to his practice. He believes that we can be united through expression, exposure and access, and he envisions a world where “people can see themselves represented in spaces that matter.”

Other aims of his practice include the dissection of notions of gender, home, belonging, race and origin. He wants to explore the fluid presentation of self and the ability of BIPOC to be malleable in order to fit in and to gain acceptance. Through his work, he hopes to normalise a masculinity that is concerned with the wellbeing of other men, women, children, queer people, the environment, the past, and a sustainable and “gentle future, where to be soft is to be strong.”