Kelly-Ann Bobb

Winning bodies of work

Kelly-Ann Bobb is an analogue freelance photographer based in the twin island state of Trinidad and Tobago. She has always had a natural inclination towards creativity. After completing medical school, she fell in love with the unending complexities of film photography, which she utilises as a tool for unmasking and telling stories that would not otherwise be told. In doing so, she reveals as much of herself as the subjects she photographs.

In the West, the Black body has been historically brutalised and marginalised – linked to a vile past of slavery and colonialism. Today, anti-Black racism and violence continue to violate the Black body. Inspired by a profound interest in her Afro-diasporic identity and community, and from a desire to use photography as a form of expression and activism, Bobb created Sacred Bodies to challenge this history and status quo. Here, she seeks to reclaim divine bodily autonomy and agency for African diasporic peoples through the sacred perspective lens of Black bodies. At the heart of the photographic portraits are themes such as spirituality, sex, and race.