Frederick van den Berg

Winning bodies of work


Frederik Van Den Berg is a German-Dutch photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He studied Audio Engineering and Audio Business before completing an MA in Marketing. He then worked for several years in Germany’s music industry before his love for the great outdoors led him to pursue photography as a career. He has since gone on to work with big brands such as Airbnb, Red Bull and Tesla, and has had his work published in The Observer, Bergwelten Magazine, and SCIENCE Magazine, among others.

Van Den Berg’s new series Climate Tourism sees him explore the glacial landscapes that are rapidly disappearing as a result of climate change. The dwindling colossal walls of ice have become an experiential attraction for the modern traveller as a way of observing our impact on the Earth and, in this project, Van Den Berg is one of those travellers. Through his photographs he documents not only the vanishing glaciers, but the efforts to preserve them. “The images are two-fold, showing beauty but also desperation. They serve as a stark reminder of the impact we have on our magnificent landscape.”

Climate Tourism