Emanuele Moi

Winning bodies of work


Emanuele Moi is an Italian photographer based in London, UK. Inspired his studies in aesthetics and symbolism, his work looks at the way symbols have developed into a complex code that artists can source from to create layers of significance in their work, and the way that extra levels of meaning can be interpreted depending on the viewer’s familiarity with the language they have been encoded into. He is fascinated by the handing down throughout history of these symbols, and how artists add to and twist their significance, making them progressively more ambiguous. 

His project Wunderkammer emerges from these studies as a collection of new personal icons and mythologies that explore and make use of the modalities in which objects are transformed into symbols and elevated into bearers of meanings, but also play with their inherent ambiguity. The specific significance of the images is left open to interpretation and to the influence of the viewer’s cultural background and personal sensibility. Truth, belief and fiction merge together and misinterpretation is encouraged as the prelude to individual understanding.