Bubi Canal

Winning bodies of work


Bubi Canal is a Spanish photographer based in New York, USA, whose work deals with recurring themes of dreams, love and hope, combining elements of pop culture with intuition and manifesting dreamlike characters from alternate realities. Using bright colorful subjects set against otherworldly landscapes at dusk, Canal imbues his work with optimism and innocence, communicating hope and possibility for the future.   

His series, Into the Gloaming, was shot in New York and Cantabria, Spain, during the transitional time between day and night – a period known as ‘the gloaming’. Here the artist presents a personal universe of characters that reflect his expansive imagination and influences as diverse as Cantabrian mythologies and vintage Japanese television shows, creating his own distinctive folklore for a contemporary audience. Shooting portraits of those he knows intimately, the artist scripts fantastical scenarios, allowing his subjects to communicate viscerally via natural posture and spontaneous gesture. At the core of Canal’s work is the idea that we have the power to manipulate and change the world that surrounds us in order to realise our dreams. 

Into the Gloaming