Anthea Spivey

Winning bodies of work


Anthea Spivey is a Paris-based photographer of Australian/New Zealand descent. She was raised in Tanzania and Senegal and has spent most of her life in Africa. Inspired by her parents’ love of photography, she began to utilise the medium to explore the culture and traditions of the African continent, focusing on social issues that she believes need to be shared on a larger scale.

These include They Don’t Die, They Disappear, a series on the continued stigmatisation of albinism in Africa. In this project, Spivey attempts to unpack the myths and misconceptions surrounding the condition, working with Club Albinos SN, a Dakar- based organisation that supports people with albanism in Senegal by providing them with sunscreen, lightweight clothing and protective eyewear. Elsewhere, in Lac Rose Lutteurs, she explores the theme of masculinity in the Sengalese tradition of wrestling, photographing wrestlers in one of the country’s most famous training grounds.

They Don’t Die, They Disappear