Aïcha Nadaud Fall

Winning bodies of work

Nadaud Fall Aicha (b. 1991) is an Ivorian-French self-taught photographer from Abidjan Côte d’Ivoire. Her practice forges links between her personal identity and culture and uses photography and sculpture to explore stories around femininity, beauty, representation, and a celebration of Black bodies. Fall is concerned with photography’s narrative power and seeks to inspire her audiences through a demonstration of the medium’s ability to affect change in the world. As both an African woman and a graduate in African studies, she embraces the responsibility of representing her continent, heritage, and community.

A Seat at the Table is a study on the body and a fantastic visual tale. It is also an invitation to another dimension. In this series of images, Fall wanted to narrate Black bodies capable of doing wonders, or Black bodies just existing simply and beautifully. A bare torso, an elegant gesture, almost dancing. Telepathic, mimicking by one touch or one bite. She wanted to create her very own tale where everything was possible. She made her images using what she had around her. The studio was improvised in her father’s garage, and all of the photographs were shot on an iPhone and feature everyday objects such as her mother’s curtains, a watering can, a rug mat, and some colorful clothespins.

Seat at the Table