Argus Paul Estabrook

Runner up

How to Draw a Line” explores the border towns directly south of the DMZ. As a Korean-American who has lived in one of these towns, I felt a personal connection to this space caught between two worlds — where military camps, secluded villages, and tourist attractions all coexist while separating the North and South still officially at war.

My memories guided and motivated me to revisit the area. During the Fall of 2019, I trekked multiple times between the northeast and northwest coasts of South Korea. While the routes can be drawn as literal lines on a map, the images draw a conceptual “photographic line” that traces the overall journey. Throughout these travels, I witnessed a liminal existence: subdued yet expressive, in spaces simultaneously active and still. The camera captures the subtle surreality of these isolated areas, offering an unexpected yet often overlooked view into Korean life.

How to Draw a Line