1854 Awards: Why is there a fee?

1854 is home to some of the industry’s most prestigious awards for photographers. We are committed to the discovery and promotion of new talent. With opportunities for photographers to be exhibited, published and recognised worldwide, we offer a host of unparalleled platforms for both emerging and established talent.

The income generated from our awards entries is reinvested in our programme, allowing us to continue to produce our international exhibitions, books and events that celebrate and uplift the work of incredible photographers from around the world. It allows us to pay our small team for their work in order for us to continue offering our high-quality awards to our audience. This not only covers the production costs, but the PR, editorial and support team to ensure the best experience possible for applicants.

We are always striving to make our awards more accessible to as broad and diverse an audience as possible. Part of your entry fee has allowed us to offer free entry to photographers from low and middle-income countries (as defined by the World Bank). Most recently, this has also allowed us to offer every photographer, regardless of their background, a free entry to Portrait of Humanity. 

Moreover, this income is essential in supporting  our award-winning journalism and the production of both 1854.photography and the bi-monthly British Journal of Photography print issue.